Internal referrals

The biggest support in your quest for top talent will always be existing employees. A healthy recruitment mix should always have a strong percentage of employee referrals, as it if the quickest and cheapest way of hiring talent that comes to the table, already half convinced about your company.

hireXP makes the employee referral process more engaging, transparent, and impactful


Complete visibility into referral background:

It is very important to know that how your employee is connected with the referral. We have designed a unique voice feature where employees can record a message for the hiring manager. For every referral, hireXP captures the background information.


Track your referral status: 

Sometimes, referral programs end up becoming black boxes where an employee makes the effort to refer a suitable candidate, only to never hear back again. As a result, employees simply lose interest in referring, thus harming the chances of many great future potential hires. hireXP keeps your employees informed at each stage of their candidate’s progress.