Job Dashboard:

A clear view of the jobs funnel keeps your teams on its toes by clearly highlighting what efforts are paying off best, where are the roadblocks and any concerning patterns.


Hiring pipeline summary:

See how candidates are progressing through each stage of the hiring process in an easily digestible summary format.

Search Candidates:

When hiring in volumes, use the search option to filter candidates as per your evolving needs.

Custom hiring pipelines:

Every company has unique hiring needs, and those too keep changing along with the business cycle. hireXP gives you the flexibility of creating a hiring flow according to your unique requirements. You can create a completely automated hiring flow by creating, sequencing, assigning various stages like aptitude tests, technical interviews, face-to-face rounds, as per the prerequisites of the job and the hiring manager. Recruiters can easily assign every stage to the relevant members of your team in a predetermined manner, to avoid the usually expected last minute chaos.