Manage Candidates and Leads:

Often you have to sift through a high volume of candidates in a short span of time, potentially running the risk of missing out on good candidates in the process. hireXP’s Application Review Tool offers you a streamlined solution that brings each new application front and center, highlighting a candidate’s resumé and their responses to application questions, so that you may quickly shortlist the worthier candidates.

Multiple Action on Candidates:

No longer are you needed to repeat the same tedious activity for a thousand candidates over and over again. Simply select the target group, click, and achieve the following:

Email Them At Once
Send Bulk Rejection Emails
Send Bulk Text Messages
Assign A New Hiring Manager

Assign A New Recruiter Or Coordinator

Delete The Candidates

Move To Different Hiring Stage

Send Offer Letters

Resume Parsing

The hireXP resume parser option allows you to create a complete candidate profile, skill set, email id, contact details etc., irrespective of the source of the resume. You can also search the full text of a candidates resume, cover letter in your candidate profiles.