Manage Hiring Teams

hireXP makes it a snap to set up hiring teams, assign them responsibilities, and also monitor their performance against set parameters. From a Hiring Manager to recruiter, coordinator, and support staff, you can give clear assignments to your team members across different open roles.


Admin can create and publish job and set up hiring team roles in hireXP. They have the highest possible authority on the platform.


Possibly the most essential cog of the entire recruitment wheel, recruiters receive the maximum support and flexibility through the HIreXP platform.


Coordinators are the one, who keep the recruitment wheels churning smoothly; and are always on their toes to ensure that each party has all the information they need to take the designated next step in the recruitment process. hireXP puts the power of automation behind these super performers and makes their day to day job much easier.

Hiring Manager

The Hiring Manager is usually the head of the department and responsible for creating the requisitions for the vacancies needed to be filled by the department. It is their role to ensure that everyone in the recruitment team understands the demands and requirements of the role, so that the best candidate may be sourced successfully.